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About We Love Organics

Established in 2021, our family business, We Love Organics, is the culmination of decades of holistic, organic living and professional experience in the organic retail and formulating industries.

We are artisan handcrafters of pure organic personal care products and retailers of clean natural and organic health, beauty, lifestyle and speciality food products.

Holistic thinking, integrity, love and care define our every choice. We choose real organics because of the positive ripple effects it has on our health, that of those around us, and the earth.

We Love Organics and it is our pleasure to share this love with you.
Cathy and Zara xx

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About We Love Organics Curated Retail

Our Philosophy

We Love Organics Personal Care Products have all been developed out of our own family’s need and because we could not find anything like them on the market. Our products are created out of respect for Mother Nature who inspires us to be holistic thinkers. We seek to balance how real and organic ingredients from nature have traditionally been used for centuries, with modern conveniences and lifestyles, in order to create products that are clean, effective, easy and pleasurable to use. Our products go further than rudimentary functions (e.g. cleaning), and strive to help activate the body’s own healing and detoxifying processes by supporting the correct conditions for balanced health. This approach to formulating each of our products can be summarised in the following four aims:


Our skin, teeth and gums are all living tissue with the power to be healed and strengthened. Our formulations seek to balance the pH of where they are applied, and neutralise harmful bacteria and toxins, to set the stage for balanced health. Everything that touches the skin and mouth is absorbed through our tissues to find its way into the bloodstream, which is why it’s so important to use clean personal care products free from toxins and chemicals that can accumulate in the blood. Not only are our formulas clean, they may also deliver healing compounds and essential nutrients to the body to support whole-body healing and wellbeing.


To gain true health and wellbeing, means to establish balance in the body, mind, heart and spirit. Our products seek to balance pH and the microbiome present in all parts of the body while supplying essential nutrients to nurture whole body wellness. Our masterfully crafted formulations are designed to be pleasing to the five senses, bringing peace and joy to the heart and mind, and elevating the spirit.


When good health is achieved, it does not mean we can go back to eating processed foods and sitting on the couch all day, it must be maintained through good habits and self-care routines. Our products are designed to help maintain good health and positive oral hygiene habits easily, effectively and joyfully.


In times of crisis, including illness and stress, when nutrients are rerouted to where they are needed most and energy is prioritised for our body’s heal and repair processes, we often find we need extra support to cope. Our products are designed to help support you when you need it most, meeting you where you are on every level, with deep love, care and consideration.

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About We Love Organics Curated Retail

About We Love Organics
Curated Retail

All of the clean, natural and organic products we stock have been individually vetted, tested and approved by us, chosen for our store because they are clean and complement our own values when it comes to product integrity. We believe that you deserve the best as much as we do, so if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, then we don’t stock it. We take the time to thoroughly investigate each and every individual product (not just the brand) before we share it with you.

As much as possible, we wrap and ship our orders in post-consumer recycled packaging materials that we save and repurpose ourselves.

Trade Me
At this time, you can browse our curated collections on our Trade Me shop. To order multiple items, please contact us. Thank you.

Why We Love Organics

We love true organics and biodynamics because…

Reasons Why We Love Organics
  • We have deep respect, love and appreciation for Mother Nature, who really does know best – more than we might ever fully fathom.
  • True organic and biodynamic farming practices do not use chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers, that not only have a toxic effect on our food and health (for instance, commercial farming chemicals contain compounds that disrupt hormonal balance and functioning), but deplete soil health and leach into the environment, poisoning waterways and wildlife.
  • True organics is about building life-giving topsoil and improving soil health, and biodynamics seek to heal the earth and grow food full of the life forces necessary for spiritual growth. Without the soil, we don’t have real food or real skincare or real toothpaste, and without real food and ingredients grown in healthy soil, we can’t begin to have real health.
  • Real organics puts long term outcomes for soil, personal and environmental health before short term volume and profit.
  • Real organics are non-GMO and therefore have more of their original beneficial heritage properties intact.
  • When soil is healthy it can sequester carbon; when soil is unhealthy, it releases it into the atmosphere.
  • Healthy soil actually filters water through a variety of physical and biological processes, thus helping keep our waterways clean.
  • Organic products reduce the load on our livers, giving our bodies less chemicals to detoxify, helping us to have more energy, clearer minds, better hormonal balance, healthier, clearer skin, and happier teeth and gums.
  • Choosing organics is an environmentally-friendly and earth-conscious choice that has profound and far-reaching consequences. Choosing organics is a simple yet powerful thing we can do to help our planet.

We love organics because organics love us back!

Why We Love Organics
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