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Herbal teas are a gentle fast-acting infusion of herbs, and some of the best-known ones are common weeds, like nettle and dandelion. Herbs are resilient, hardy plants, rich in antioxidants and minerals – concentrated in the essential oils of these plants.

Tulsi tea, also known as holy basil, is a sacred herb in India, used throughout Southeast Asia in cooking, and now added to herbal supplements due to its soothing, calming, balancing effect. It is a known adaptogen that helps relieve stress. “Like yoga, tulsi has a calming effect that leads to clarity of thought, along with a more relaxed and calm disposition.” Says Professor Marc Cohen. It is also used to detoxify the body, improve digestion, bowel functioning and metabolism, and may assist with weight loss.

Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse. Lemongrass is delicious, full of antioxidants, soothes digestion, menstrual pain and is healing for colds and flus. Brought together, this Tulsi Moringa (buy here) tea sets us up for the day. At noon we enjoy Ashwagandha with Tulsi (Tulsi Wellness) and this brings balance to us in the midst of work life. A special Tulsi Sleep blend hits the spot in the evenings.

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We grow German Chamomile in the garden because it makes the heart sing, and is beneficial for the garden, insects, compost and soil. We love the ferny foliage and the happy flowers with their round pollen heads and their little collars of delicate white petals. We collect the flowers in late Spring and dehydrate them to brew tea from throughout the year. They self-seed like no one’s business and once you’ve grown one plant, you’ll have one hundred for next year. If you don’t have chamomile yet, ask a friend for seedlings that have popped up in her garden, she’s bound to have some to spare. Warm chamomile tea settles the digestion, calms the nervous system and softens the bowels. It is traditionally used to help promote sleep. Cooled chamomile tea can be sprayed on plants to protect against dampening off. Chamomile also serves a role in biodynamic compost preparations.

Mint is another hardy herb that is usually quite easy to grow, provide you give it the room. It goes away in Autumn and comes back kicking in Spring, smothering the weeds that kept its bed warm over winter. Mint makes a stimulating, digestive settling, refreshing cup of tea. At the moment we have Spearmint and Culinary Mint happily intermingling.

We can see the Calendula’s vivid orange flowers from the window. These make a beautiful tea for immune system and skin health, but we leave as many for the butterflies and bees as we take for ourselves.

So many herbs, flowers and even berries can be gathered by one’s own hand from the earth for drinking, but equally, a formulated tea blend, properly balanced and beautifully harmonised by a knowledgeable herbalist, can also give us a brew that makes us feel truly nourished and meets our needs in that moment.

Cup of Mindfulness

Picking leaves and flowers for tea, whether from the garden or a teabag, are nurturing self-care rituals in themselves. So is drinking the tea. When you sip and feel the warm fluids pass through your body, it is like giving yourself a hug. Some love. An ‘ah’ moment. Herbal tea improves digestion as much as it assists the nervous systems and the organs. Herbal teas improve life as much herbs themselves (often grown as companion plants, dynamic accumulators and attraction for beneficial insects) improve garden life.

Instead of going out for a coffee with a friend, why not invite them over for a cup of tea and observe if the pace of conversation is slower and more considered than adrenalin-fuelled coffee catch-ups.

Next time you need to slow down, to take a breath, consider pouring a cup of tea, sitting in the garden or by a window and thanking Mother Nature for all that she provides. Use your cuppa as an opportunity to connect with nature and your Self. Drink tea as a form of meditation. It’s not a luxury. It’s a practice that goes back to ancient times and is a necessity in this modern world, as nurturing as going for walks totally unplugged, and taking deliberate deep breaths daily.

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