Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil for Teeth & Gum Health

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You might already know that oranges grown without chemicals are a natural source of vitamin C, but did you know most of an orange’s immune boosting effects can be found in the peel? The cold-pressed peel contains the orange’s unique oil, within which all of its potent healing compounds can be found. 

Pure essential oils are made by extracting the oil from a plant, usually by steam distillation or by cold-pressing. The plant oil at the end of the process is a pure concentration of all the potent healing compounds found in the plant.  

Sweet Orange Essential Oil comprises over 90% monoterpenes, the main one being limonene. Other constituents found in orange oil include bergapten, auraptenol and acids. 


It is worth noting that although the juice from citrus fruits can be too acidic on damaged or weakened enamel, the essential oils from these same fruits are significantly less acidic. It has been our experience to date that our Organic Sweet Orange products are actually favoured by customers whose teeth and gums suffer the most sensitivity or pain, probably due to its anti-inflammatory and sedative actions. 

We Love Organics uses certified organic therapeutic grade cold-pressed sweet orange essential oil in 3 of our products: our Organic Sweet Orange Teethpaste (available in a home recyclable tube or glass jar), our Organic Uplifting TeethDrops and our Organic Healing TeethDrops 

Below are some of the specific benefits of using organic sweet orange essential oil for oral health: 

Whitening & Brightening Teeth

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil may help whiten and brighten your teeth. Although it is also important to remember that our teeth are not meant to be glow-in-the-dark white, and that diet and lifestyle choices also play a starring role in the colour of our teeth, sweet orange essential oil may still help to lift stains and make your teeth feel brighter. Plus, because sweet orange essential oil is antiseptic and kills bacteria that cause discoloration, as well as helps maintain oral hygiene, it can act as a preventative against future staining. 

To brighten up your teeth, try brushing with a pre-diluted sweet orange essential oil, such as by using our Organic Sweet Orange Teethpaste and/or with our Organic Uplifting TeethDrops (1-3 drops on a toothbrush with or without Teethpaste).  

Restores Oral Hygiene

Brushing with our Organic Sweet Orange Teethpaste is one way to take advantage of sweet orange essential oil’s antiseptic, fungicidal and bactericidal nature. This means sweet orange essential oil will help kill off bacteria that doesn’t belong, clear up fungal issues, remove other unwanted microbes, may prevent infection and soothe ulcers. 

Another way to use sweet orange essential oil to improve your oral hygiene is to add it to your oil pulling practice (our Organic Uplifting TeethDrops are perfect for this) and/or as a mouthwash. 

Provide Relief to Sore Throats

Gargling with sweet orange essential oil may provide fast relief for sore or inflamed throats. Limonene can protect the body against oxidative stress, thus boosting the immune system, and the antiseptic action of sweet orange essential oil means it will kill any bacteria that doesn’t belong. 

For a potent immune system boost, we recommend adding our Organic Healing TeethDrops to half a glass of water to gargle with up to 3 times a day for acute symptoms. You can also add them to oil pulling or directly to your toothbrush.  

May help children’s oral hygiene habits

Our Organic Sweet Orange Teethpaste is suitable for ages 6 and up, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sweet orange essential oil is known to be both uplifting and calming, promoting deep breathing, relieving stress and improving mental clarity – which hopefully makes for a calmer, happier tooth brushing session with your little ones.  


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